Welcome to Solar: Aftermath

Aftermath is a new live action role play (larp) game and is part of the Southern Organization of Live Action Reenactments. Located in Hattiesburg, MS, we hold monthly events that last for an entire weekend. View our Schedule to see when the next event is. First time players will receive their first event for free.

Latest Chronicle Update

Wells are quarantined and the river is not safe to bathe in, let alone drink from.  The city of Aftermath is decimated from the contaminated water.  The poisoned waters have claimed countless lives, from the wealthy guilders, down to the lowest of the street urchins; none were spared.   People cry out in agony, both from the pain of the poison coursing through their veins and from the losses they have suffered.  Some say those with only physical pain are the lucky ones.

The poison had a heavy effect on the wildlife surrounding Aftermath.  This fact is confirmed by the large number of dead fish seen floating in the river, the poisoned deer and rabbits fallen near the banks of the river.  So potent was this poison that the meat of these animals are now toxic and unusable to even the Straad and Lizardkin.  Hungry mouths water at the sight of so much meat, and more than one hungry soul gave into temptation only to pay with their lives for their first taste of the tainted flesh.

Several scouting parties have reported that the effects of the poisoned water have decimated the cannibal camp, leaving the beasts an unorganized shadow of their former selves.  Most of the cannibals were reported to be dead from the poison, while those that survive seem to have disappeared into to forests.  The total effects of the poisoned river will probably never truly be known, but it does seem that the goal of wiping out the cannibal encampment was successful.  The price for this was beyond anyone’s imagination.  How could this have happened?

Bent but unbowed, the heroes once again shoulder the burden of recovery.  Many are seen walking through the hardest hit districts giving aid and offering their services to any in need.  Chief among the relief workers are the Gypsy’s of Aftermath.  The entire camp has come into town and offered their services as healers to any in need.  Other heroes are helping to distill clean drinkable water for the town, many going thirsty themselves so the most vulnerable may have enough hydration to survive. The Guildhalls are flooded with requests for help.  People seek refuge wherever they can find it.  The anger of the townsfolk quickly fades away as the actions of the heroes and the Guilds show a unified front of support and peace.  The town has seen tough times; it knows how to protect its own.

There are two questions on seemingly everyone’s lips, “Who is responsible for this?”

“How can we make sure they won’t strike again?”