About Us

This new campaign of SOLAR begins its tale under a pall. All that remains of an empire so bright with possibility and hope is empty fields and the crumbling, marble tombs of forgotten kings. The spirit of the land is broken and the only refuge to be found is the unlikely city of Aftermath. Once just a waypoint for prospectors and trader caravans, it has since become the daily battleground for people trying to survive in a hostile world. Outside the city walls is an arid land that is slowly withering and filled with danger. Those lands are often referred to as the Scrublands, the wastes, or the desert, depending on who you ask. Wandering into these lands, players will face real danger and adventure. To learn more, read the Common Lore–a guide for every starting player to learn about the world of Aftermath.

A Word of Caution

SOLAR: Aftermath is not a world for light-hearted hoblings. You will be challenged in every sense of the word to succeed in an apathetic world, and mankind is not just threatened by the monsters without; but, also by the monsters within.

Dark is not just a word used to describe the absence of light. It’s also a metaphor that will be employed methodically throughout the campaign. Storytellers will be encouraged not to shy away from dark themes, and you will be the judge about how well they do so. For this reason, SOLAR: Aftermath has an 18+ age limit. You will deal with mature concepts and be expected to “keep it together.” Some things may shock, terrify, disgust, or clash with your personal beliefs; but, keep your cool. After all, it’s just a story, right? Join us and experience the fascinating horror of what it means to truly live.

A Few Saving Graces

Without a doubt, you’re joining us to live the story. That does not mean you will forfeit safety or security (the game makes no promises on your sanity, though). While this is a game for mature audiences, there are some topics that are not going to enter or be tolerated.

  • Crude sexual violence. Yes, it’s real, but in SOLAR, it is not a “creative avenue.” Storytellers can vaguely infer but are absolutely forbidden from direct roleplay of this sort.
  • Unwelcome physical contact. People maybe not be comfortable being touched, so physical touching (e.g. not using a physrep) is outlawed unless permission is given by both parties.
  • Out-of-play crime. Crime is a fact of life, but only within the game world. Out-of-play crime will be prosecuted.

If someone violates these saving graces, they are subject to disciplinary action by the General Manager and subject to legal prosecution.

To learn more about the staff who contribute to making this game a success, please visit the Staff page.