Game Documents

Common Knowledge

The Aftermath multiverse is unique. Not to be confused with our sister Mississippi Chapter, Cerroneth, Aftermath has its own history and story. To help new and veteran players plan their characters’ actions and backstory, the game provides this packet to explain common elements of the game world. Every character, new or old, begins play knowing everything in this packet and does not require any special Lore skills or teachers.

Common Knowledge Packet
Version 5.0, May 2017

Race Packets

The following documents represent the common information on various races living throughout the lands. Information within them is considered common knowledge; however, some packets will include a footnote about which lores might reveal more detailed information.

Questions about the races can be directed to the game staff.

Marshal Notes

Marshal notes are required to be filled out and posted on each cabin.  This document can help standardize and expedite the process.

Marshal Notes Form