A bloodcurdling roar echoes out across town..

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    Screams of terror follow shortly after. To those who investigate the source, they find a trail of bodies rent to shreds creating a path that leads out of town. Some bodies seem to have been mauled by a large creature, while others have had their limbs ripped straight from their socket. At the end of the path, about a dozen town guards have gathered near a spot in the wall where wide streaks of blood have crossed over the wall.


    And what to my wandering eyes should appear, but fresh body parts and a big blood smear.

    Baal Shem

    Baal arrives at the wall, observing the scene with a look of disgust on his features. He begins organizing the gathering and disposing of the bodies, having any who wish to help either building the funeral pure or gathering the remains and bringing them to be arranged.


    Townsfolk have fled the scene in horror. The guards, mostly young men, stand in shock at the carnage left in the streets. An eerie silence hangs in the air as the Straad collects the corpses into a pile.

    Baal Shem

    Baal works through the night, with or without help, and does not leave until the pyre is lit and the bodies are disposed of entirely.


    Not long into the night; Basriian enters the scene, he takes note of Baal and aids him in the funeral proceedings, moving one body after another till the work is done. Afterwards, he begins around the wall following whatever trail might be left behind it.


    Fairuza sneaks a couple of parts under his or her dress and spirits them away.

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