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    A tall elf wearing a blue tabard with a grey shield and the symbol of aftermath inside it moves over to the message board. He tacks up a piece of paper to the message board and then moves around the square posting this same missive in multiple locations. When he is done he is seen to hand a stack of these flyers to other men and women wearing the same colors to be distributed around the town. The message reads as follows:

    “Citizens of Aftermath,

    Law and order is essential to the success of the city of Aftermath. The Guildmasters and Guildmistresses are still currently in discussion about formalizing a set of laws for this city. While this is being done the crimes continue to occur, with no punishement in sight for those lawless individuals who threaten our city from the inside. This MUST stop. As such, I am declaring a state of Martial Law inside the city of Aftermath until such time as the Guilds can decide on the formal laws of the city. Below I will post the chain of command as it sits at the time of this posting so that every citizen of Aftermath will know who to turn to if they see a law being broken. Vigilante justice will NOT be tolerated. Period. If a person not of the guard attempts to enforce these laws they will be dealt with swiftly and severely. This is not a threat, it is a promise. The laws are as follows:

    Treason – Any action which directly affects the safety or security of the City of Aftermath as a whole, or the involvement of an individual with a group planning the same will be considered High Treason.

    Theft of property is quite literally taking something that does not belong to you from another person or place without the owners permission

    Slavery – The owning, selling, buying or otherwise engaging with any act of slavery is forbidden in Aftermath. Slavery will not be tolerated in any form.

    Murder – The killing of another individual in anything but self defense is Murder

    Assault – Assault is defined as willfully attacking another individual in any form, whether it is through the use of weapons, magic, alchemy or poisons.

    Destruction of Property – The destruction of property that is found to belong to someone else, either through magic, alchemy, poisons, or any normal means. Ownership of property must be proven before charges can be brought forth

    Vagrancy – Inhabiting property that does not belong to you is a punishable offense. Ownership must be proven in order to remove individuals from location by some means. Deeds are best but ancestral homes and family owned property will also be taken into account. Shelters are being set up throughout the city for those that still have nowhere to go after the destruction of Aftermath. Please see a member of the Guard if you need some place to stay and they will be more than happy to assist you. (Chain of Command is listed below)

    Arson – Burning of a building within Aftermath is a danger to all those that live near the property. Fire has caused the destruction of this city before, we shall not allow that to happen again.

    Kidnapping – Detaining someone against their will is illegal. Simply put, if they wish to leave, you must let them. The exception to this law is the Guard, and ONLY if they are detaining someone for questioning in regards to a crime

    Disobeying a member of the Guard who is carrying out their LAWFUL duty is also a crime. Members of the Guard are expected to maintain order and will suffer double the punishment of a non Guard member should they be caught breaking any of these laws.

    These are the laws in Aftermath until the Guilds decide otherwise. Currently capital punishment is the only penalty for breaking a law, to be carried out by the investigating member of the Guard, or their superior within the chain of command. NO resident of Aftermath is to take the laws into their own hands.

    I will personally be on hand the Friday Night of this coming Gather to interview individuals who wish to obtain a position within the Town guard, please come find me in the tavern for more information.

    Town Guard Chain of Command
    Guard Commander – Arlan Amarath
    Captain of the Guard – Ser Geoffrey
    Day Watch Sergeant – position is currently unfilled, please see me if interested in this opportunity.
    Night Watch Sergeant – Strava
    All Guardsmen and women will report to one of the Sergeants, depending on the time of day. Should there be a need, Ser Geoffrey or myself may be contacted in the Town Guard Headquarters.

    -Commander Arlan Amarath

    Cloaked Humanoid

    The next morning, this posting, as well as any others around the city have had the line about vagrancy crossed out with blood. Attached under it reads another note.

    ‘Seek your shelter where you can find it. Do not take another’s home. If you have taken shelter since the attacks and defend that home, it is yours now. Let no one threaten your safety.’

    The note is not signed.

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