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    A rapping on the guild hall doors, in the early morning hours. All that is left behind are letters of accusation.

    The heroes of aftermath seemed to have ridden out the storms and are now in the calm. The turbulent times have comes to a rest with the guilds forcing hands and offering us assistance once again. Now let us hope we can continue to bring peace about this city and cut out the evil that still stains it. I mention one name that must be cleansed…a man that has betrayed each house that has offered him a home, a man who couldn’t even stand next to his families side when they faced peril. The blood that has drenched his hands has only been washed into the gutters and now he carries the title of knight and claims to protect our walls. I challenge any voice that gives this betrayer the title of knight, no coward should be referred to as Sir. How long before he betrays those walls? how long before his cowardice acts catch up with him and jeopardize us again? How many untold stories of betrayal must he write before we lay this traitor to dust?! It is time to put this traitor down. His followers must be brought back from this dark path and shown a more redeeming path.

    Corack Darkasakage, lay down your arms and sacrifice yourself to those you betrayed, I will continue to speak the truth of your misdeeds in greater detail if you don’t. I will hunt you down and brand you the heretic of our city that you are if you do not.

    Murdock Volsion

    Murdock follows him where he goes (I wanna follow who put this up so message me about if I can or not)

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