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    This errata replaces the errata about applied/contested strength found in the primary rulebook. It applies to situations where a character wishes to use his or her strength bonus towards some action, e.g. to oppose the actions of another character or to move/barricade/support/suppress an object. It applies to all forms of strength bonuses, regardless if it is granted from race, magic, or skill.

    Characters will use the “2 soles, 2 palms” method to determine if he/she is able to use their full strength bonus or if they will only receive 50% of their bonus.

    To receive his/her full bonus, BOTH feet must be squarely planted and BOTH palms must be squarely placed against whatever the character is exerting himself or herself against. To receive 50% of his/her bonus (rounded up), at least one foot and one palm must be squarely planted against the ground and object, respectively.

    The character with the greater strength bonus will prevail in a contest.

    This errata does not affect damage bonuses from strength.

    Rule, rogue, and module marshals may adjudicate if, for in-game environmental reasons, players would be unable to meet the 2-sole, 2-palms criteria. Example: if the characters are standing on slippery ice in-game, the marshal may make a temporary ruling that all strength bonuses are halved due to treacherous footing.

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