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    A young, brunette girl wearing Alchemy Guild colors of green and black is seen moving quickly through the town stopping at various homes, places of business, and most obviously the other guildhalls. She carries a stack of fliers and letters in her hands. After placing a flyer in the market square, she moves on to finish her deliveries. The flyer reads . . .

    Citizens and Heroes of Aftermath,

    Planning continues on the ending of the cannibal threat. The council seeks any knowledge or skills that can help to make the coming raids successful. If you have any skills that can aide in the following areas and are able to help, then please see Mistress Jade or one of the other Guildmasters or Alderan, the leader of the Town Guard, immediately.

    * Tracking
    * Information Gathering
    * City Defense
    * Battle Tactics
    * Combat
    * Cartography or Map-Making
    * Knowledge of City Structure (Especially the Sewers)

    This gather, we heroes made a promise to the people of Aftermath. We promised that we would end this threat or give our lives trying. We will not let the time before our attack go to waste or allow our fervor to dwindle. We will us use this time to build on our momentum and ultimately fulfill our promise.

    To our citizens, I want you to know that EVERY ONE of you is WORTH protecting and EVERY ONE of you has something to contribute. If you hear anything or see anything that you even think might help make this raid a success, then please do not hesitate to come forward. We all must stand together.

    Until the End,
    Mistress Jade

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