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    This errata creates a new system that supersedes any other errata or rulebook definition regarding the permanence of formal magic scrolls (both Earth and Celestial). The following defines how formal magic scrolls react to detection and identification magic, the number of castings each formal scroll can be used, and new responsibilities of formal magic marshals.


    Formal magic scrolls will detect as magical items to any spells or other means of detecting if an item possesses inherent magic. This includes the Detect Magic (C,2) spell. Identification battle magic will reveal the magic type (Earth or Celestial), title, and level of any formal magic scroll. Identification magic includes the two Identify battle magic spells (C,4; E,5). No other information is revealed. Formal-level identification rituals reveal all information about the ritual. Identification of a scroll does not grant comprehension or the ability to cast the ritual. The only way to cast the ritual is to have the commensurate level of Formal Magic.


    Every formal scroll has a finite number of uses. Once a use is expended, it cannot be replenished. The number of uses is as follows:

    Level Uses
    1st 11
    2nd 10
    3rd 9
    4th 8
    5th 7
    6th 6
    7th 5
    8th 4
    9th 3


    Formal magic marshals are responsible for keeping track of the number of uses a scroll has been used and taking possession of scrolls whose total uses have been expended. All formal magic scrolls will be marked with a legend indicating the number of uses that remain to the scroll. Each time a use is expended (i.e. the scroll is used to cast a ritual), the formal marshal should clip or otherwise indelibly mark off a use on the scroll. Any scroll that has zero more uses turns to ashes and cannot be used in-play again.

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