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    Denizens, debaucherers, and disruptors of Aftermath, I have an assignment for you.
    Since we have no May event, I’m going to give you a little homework. I want you to write up and send me information on your characters. I want their name, race, age, back story, interests, motivations, likes and dislikes (and why), secrets, and goals.

    You can make it as long or short as you need, as detailed or brief as you want to get.
    When you’re ready, shoot it to me at linashankar@gmail.com with the subject “Aftermath Character Intensive: (Character Name)”

    Good luck, and keep in mind this will be shared with the rest of plot and/or Rob for future roleplay scenarios.
    Note: try to avoid fantasy tropes like “is secretly royal,” “family heirloom is an omega weapon,” or “hates necromancers because orphaned when necros attacked village.” Be creative!

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