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    LONG POST! (TL;DR version not available)

    Overall, I think we had a great event. I saw some things this weekend I’ve never seen happen at SOLAR in 17ish years. I’d love to hear feedback from our players. If you think we did a great job, or if you think we could do something else better, please inbox me or drop me a line: gm[at]solaraftermath[dot]com. All feedback is welcome! Your feedback is taken seriously. If you feel we could be improving through some action, we want to know. If you think we’re horrible people, we want to know (but might need a tissue afterward).

    My thanks to the staff and their team members for helping to make the game successful! Without y’all, Aftermath wouldn’t function. Your volunteerism is part of what makes the SOLAR community what it is.

    Welcome to our new players! We had four new-to-SOLAR players this month. We hope you enjoyed your event and don’t forget, the person who brought you to SOLAR this past event gets a free event when you return for your second event. See you in February!

    Players, take the time to send in your February character tag and update requests now. You can submit them online. Create an account on our web site, login, and submit! If you have questions, please ask a veteran player, Head of Logistics, or the webmaster. If you are a veteran player, it is required. Veteran player means you have been playing for more than two months. If you have reasons why you can’t submit it, make logistics aware of the issue NOW. “I don’t have regular internet” is not a valid reason, especially when we can see you posting cat pictures to your Facebook and your Pinterest! Did I mention you get 15 gob for submitting online? Submitting one or both nets you an easy 15 gob!

    We are going on a recruitment drive. We want a steady 60 players by December! Call out your friends. Lend them a boffer, and get them in. Their first event is free. if they come back, your next event is free! Sounds like a win-win to me.

    I encourage everyone to jump on the Aftermath web site forums and participate in the between-game roleplaying. Our plot members drop in there every month. You never know–you might find a sweet plot line drop in your lap.

    The gob store is coming! I meant to publish it for use this event, however, reasons prevented me from doing so.

    Finally, a few words of caution. (1) This is Aftermath. We’re an 18+ game. That means be prepared for some dark, gritty roleplay. It also means act your age. (2) Make up needs to be kept up to par. I saw a few heads that needed make-up touch-ups. I kept getting distracted, but next event I’ll be out with my clipboard (dun dun dun).

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