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    Monk Class Changes
    The following errata are adopted for monks into the official Aftermath rules.

    1. Monks who purchase Fortify will now gain two hit points (2HP) per Fortify purchased.
    2. Monks may purchase one (1) Assassinate/Dodge/Dodge Block for every two (2) Critical Slays they have. The build cost for this skill is the same as listed in the rulebook addendum or core rulebook for warriors. Note: monks may not use the Assassinate option–only the Dodge or Dodge Block.

    Enhanced Strength Playtest

    The following set of rules are part of a playtest. A playtest is NOT officially adopted rules. Playtests are temporary and for evaluation/feasibility testing only. A playtested rule can be rescinded at any time.

    This is a global playtest. That means every warrior in the game is a part of the playtest.

    Playtest Errata:

    Warriors do not incur the skill restrictions listed for Enhanced Strength until the warrior purchases his/her third Enhanced Strength (i.e. +3 Strength). Specifically, the Enhanced Strength skill description is amended as follows:

    This skill enables the Warrior to perform great feats of strength otherwise only available to the mythical and monstrous creatures found in the world of Tyrra. Each time this skill is purchased, the character gains +1 to his/her Permanent Strength Modifier.

    If a player purchases Enhanced Strength more than twice (2), he/she may not learn any of the following skills nor will he/she be able to purchase Enhanced Strength more than twice if any of the following skills is possessed: Read Magic, Spell Slot Level 1 (any), Waylay, Backstabs, Dodge/Assassinate, Herbal Lore, Alchemy, Poison Lore, Create Poisons, Craft Wand, Craft Rod, Craft Wand, or Infuse Foci.

    Each Permanent Strength Modifier adds one (1) to the damage dealt by the player from all melee and ranged weapons except Crossbow.

    A player with one or more strength modifiers may drag a body or other comparably-sized objects at full speed, throw a body up to 10 feet, and may break confining spells/abilities as per the Break Confining rules in the ‘Monster Abilities’ section.

    No player may have a Permanent Strength Modifier greater than five (5). Permanent Strength Modifiers from one’s race are included. For example: half-ogres begin play with a +2 Permanent Strength Modifier. A half-ogre could not purchase Enhanced Strength more than three (3) times because it would cause the half-ogre to have more than a +5 Permanent Strength Modifier.

    Temporary Strength Modifiers (i.e. any strength bonus not granted from one’s race and the Enhanced Strength skill) will allow a player to exceed the +5 limitation. For example, a half-ogre with a +5 Permanent Strength Modifier may use a Greater Endow (E,4) spell to temporarily boost his/her total strength modifiers to +9 for the duration of the spell.

    You can contest strength in situations where a character wishes to use his or her strength modifier towards some action, e.g. to oppose the actions of another character or to move/barricade/support/suppress an object. It applies to all forms of strength bonuses, regardless if it is granted from race, magic, or skill. Characters will use the “2 soles, 2 palms” method to determine if he/she is able to use their full strength modifier or if they will only receive 50% of their modifier. To receive his/her full modifier, both feet must be squarely planted and both palms must be squarely placed against whatever the character is exerting himself or herself against. To receive 50% of his/her modifier (rounded up), at least one foot and one palm must be squarely planted against the ground and object, respectively. The character with the greater strength bonus will prevail in a contest. Note: rule, rogue, and module marshals may adjudicate if, for in-game environmental reasons, players would be unable to meet the 2-sole, 2-palms criteria. Example: if the characters are standing on slippery ice in-game, the marshal may make a temporary ruling that all strength bonuses are halved due to treacherous footing.
    Remember: only a willing player may be physically dragged or touched in anyway. One must always gain player permission before physically making contact with a player. If a player does not give permission to be dragged or thrown, the dragger/thrower may state to his/her intended target that he/she is being dragged/thrown. Furthermore, it is impossible to drag or throw an unwilling character while in-play.

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    Rob Simpson

    Clarification: the Enhanced Strength skill is opened up to Warriors, Dark Knights, Light Knights, Rangers, and Monks. This clarification takes precedence over the rulebook.

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