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    (kind of strewn about town are flyers with two crudely drawn men on the bottom, one with ears and a tail and the other with a wand and book. Above that reads)
    Have the ability to read? What about a desire to protect the city for yourselves? We would like to call you out to learn magic with us and help protect the city and your home’s of aftermath.We believe this city is worth protecting, and the only way we can achieve that is to arm ourselves. Not in body and sword, but in mind and knowledge. Anyone with the ability to read, an apt or curious of magics, and even those who would like to learn how to read please come out to the library in the center of town Saturday at 5pm where Ryg and Rando will be holding classes, for citizens and heros alike. Whether you’d like to take the fight to the enemy, protect your walls and family’s from opposing forces, or heal your fallen comrades join us.

    Knowledge is free, do not waste this opportunity. All ages and raced welcome.


    Jade picks up one of the flyers drifting past the guildhall. As she reads it, she smiles and picks up a few more. before returning to the guildhall. Several guildings soon leave carrying copies. They are seen going into different parts of town and reading the flyers to citizens that seem to be unable to read. Anyone overhearing their conversations, would hear them tell the people to spread the word.

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