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    After speaking with our plot folks, the new Nature’s Chosen code is here. We’ve made a very minor tweak to better reflect the -nature- of the Aftermath continuity. This will be updated in the rulebook as soon as it can be posted to the web site. For now, this is the official announcement.


    From the land comes sustenance and life. Without the land, life cannot endure. Hold fast to the land and be its defender from the attainted and abusers. The blight taints the land, its fruits, and its beasts. Go and remedy the blight wherever it is felt; be it fish, beast, fowl, field, or forest, stop the scourge from taking root and end the suffering of those too far gone. Shun perversions of nature and beware those who serve it.

    Answer the call of nature’s chosen when threats loom upon the horizon; respect the elder practitioners and ways.

    Eschew coin for the illusion of power that it is; barter when possible and do not be wasteful.

    Seek serenity in druidry or hone your melee martial skills in service to the lands. Mentor those who would serve nature faithfully.”

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