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    Around town, men in bright armor slap fliers on street corners, bulletin boards, and windows on shops. They read as follows

    Aftermath Martial Laws
    Until the time comes that Aftermath’s citizens and Heroes can prove they can govern themselves properly, the Town Guard is initiating the following set of decrees.

    Endangering Aftermath: Endangering Aftermath in any way is the height of betrayal. This is our home and it shall be treated as such. Punishment: Depending on the degree of the offense, punishment shall be no less than 1 (one) resource expedition into the blight. All property gained on such expedition is forfeit to the town. More serious offenses may warrant death or exile from the town.

    Murder: The act of killing one’s fellow citizen of our haven from the blight in any way except self-defense or the defense of others. Punishment: The offender may choose between 1 (one) resource expedition into the blight or death.

    Assault: The act of attacking another citizen with weapons, one’s body, magic, alchemy, or poisons. Punishment: Healer’s Guild fees to fix all damage to the victim, 1 silver to the victim in punitive damages, and 1 silver to the Town.

    Arson/Destruction of Property: The act of burning or otherwise destroying anything belonging to another citizen willfully. Punishment: Replacement of what was destroyed, or the value in coin to be returned to the owner. In addition, 1 silver piece in punitive damages to the victim and 1 silver piece to the Town.

    Theft: Put simply, taking property from another citizen by force or stealth. Punishment: Return of property or value in coin to be returned to the owner. In addition, 1 silver piece in punitive damages to the victim and 1 silver piece to the Town.

    Drugs The following drugs have been named detrimental to the town, its citizens, and Heroes alike. They are not to be possessed or used in any situation: Rat Bite, Turtle Tongue, Dragon Shell, Skreckles, and Dust. Punishment: Confiscation of drugs, plus 1 silver piece to the Town.

    False Accusations: Maliciously accusing a citizen of a crime they did not do. The punishment is equal to what the victim was accused of.

    Failure to pay one’s Debts To the Guilds: Not paying one’s debts to the Guilds is a serious detriment to the town. Punishment: Immediate repayment to the Guild in question, plus 1 silver to the victim and 1 silver to the Town.

    Failure to pay one’s debts to the Town: Not paying one’s debts to the Town for crimes committed above. Punishment: Imprisonment until the debts are paid or an expedition into the blight can be arranged.

    If there are any questions, please direct them to Sir Geoffrey of the Town Guard.


    The following day, any postings of the laws have been torn, removing the lines about debts to the guilds. In a few of them, written crudely in a dry crimson text reads: ‘No respite for the corrupt.’


    Soon after the guards start posting the flyers, Jade polietly asks one of them for a copy. She glances over it with a stoic expression. Turning towards the Town Guard headquarters, she walks briskly but calmly in that direction. She still appears pleasant enough to anyone who passes her, but her nails are squeezing pretty hard into that flyer for those that care to notice.

    Weatherholt Things

    A couple of days later, the town guard tears down all remaining posters and put up new ones, with obvious attitude. The new ones read as follows.

    By the decree of the Masters serving in governance of the city of Aftermath and its citizens and heroes, we hereby issue the following laws and punishments. The Masters grant power to the Members of the Town Guard to render said punishments. Any contested crimes shall be brought before one of the five Masters for judgement. Individual events not specific listed in this notice may be deemed a crime by the Masters if the action causes undo harm to the city or its people.

    The laws are as follows:
    Betraying the city is considered the highest crime. All cases will be tried by the Masters. Punishment for betrayal will be sentenced based on severity of the crime. Punishments can range from a fine up to a final death depending on severity.

    Murder is punishable by the taking of two lives for each victim.

    Assault of a citizen or visiting foreigner is punishable by the taking of one life.

    Stealing or the destruction of property is punishable by the return, repair, or repayment of property to the victim and a fine in the amount of the item or property’s value. These laws bear the full weight and support of the Guildmasters of Aftermath.

    (Signed) Sir Adonis, Stolas, Jade, River- in capacity for Lady Sabine, and Dante – in capacity for Teran

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