The Townspeople Look On In Horror….

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    A ten foot tall wooden post has been erected overnight in the town square. A man in torn plate mail is nailed to the post with his arms above his head, blood dripping from his slashed throat. On the ground in front of him is the word “CORRUPT” spelled out, seemingly in his own blood. The townspeople gather around and whisper amongst each other in fear…

    Plot(Matt Smith)

    *the town guard, upon finding the man, take him down and begin questioning the townspeople who are gathered around*

    *they remove the body and tear down the structure when the questioning is done*


    As she had most everyday since the gather, Jade goes into the streets with her memebers to treat those affected by the river and deliver supplies to those that need them. She starts to hear some of the whispers of the man on the post. She asks around if anyone was able to identify the man or could tell her anything about them. She has plenty of fresh baked goods on hand to trade for the information.

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