There is the sound of loud buzzing…..

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    *echoing through the quiet streets of Aftermath. What appears to be a massive swarm of insects descends upon the town square. It swirls suddenly coalescing into the form of a large creature with a huge man made of feathers. The creature rears back it’s head and howls, an eerie sound that echoes through the streets. It looks around for a moment, and then vanishes again in another cloud of insects*

    *leaning propped up against the closest building is the form of Tool, appearing asleep, he seems to have been placed quickly , but gently in this position. *


    A woman with bones in her hair and a cutlass at her hip is walking through town. There is a male elf at her side carrying supplies and struggling to keep up as they talk conversationally. At the sound of buzzing, her hand flies out and forces the elf behind her as she waits… only to surge forward when she sees Tool, moving to grab him.


    Tool slowly awoke to see Ren approaching him in a hurry he held his hand out to stop her realizing that me may have smelled horrid from being around rotting flesh and decay for the past week. He stood he slowly brought himself to his feet taking it steady from blacking out the way he did. Slowly but surely he pulled it together and began to speak. “There is a lot we need to talk about Lady Ren and it’s worse than I thought.”


    She nods, “Not here. Come, let’s go home. Kael, walk ahead and get the supplies to the house.”

    The elf nods and hurries to comply as Ren watches Tool carefully to make sure he’s alright. They make their way on the path out of town towards the brothel, and disappear.

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