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    Wizard Lock, Celestial 7, is amended to read as follows:

    The Wizard’s Lock spell allows the caster to magically “lock” an inanimate object that can logically open and close, e.g. doors, chests, boxes, books, windows, etc. Final adjudication of whether an object can be Wizard Locked falls to a Rules Marshal. When cast, the spell creates a magical key, which must be phys-repped. The key must be uniquely constructed and approved by a Rogue Marshal at Check-In. Without an approved key, one does not have a Wizard’s Lock.

    In addition to the key, when cast, the Wizard Lock creates a magical binding that can be set and unset by the caster. Setting and unsetting the lock is accomplished by touching or not touching the locked object, respectively.

    To set the lock, the object must be closed, e.g. the window is down or the door is shut. The lock cannot be set nor can the key be removed if the object is open. The lock is set any time the object is closed and the accompanying key is not touching the locked object. When the lock is set, the locked object cannot be opened, shattered, or lock-picked.

    To unset the lock, the possessor of the key must touch the locked object with the key.
    There is no verbal cue for Wizard Lock, i.e. one needn’t say anything to set or unset the Lock.
    Only one Wizard Lock may be active on an object. Subsequent castings do not take effect.
    If Wizard Locked is used to secure a building, the Wizard Lock count towards the maximum number of wards/cabin defenses that can be placed on a cabin (3). If the Wizard Lock is cast on a building that already have three defenses, the spell fails.

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