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    there will be a work day at elks lake august 22. This work day is to repair a few things around site particularity the BUNKS! Site will be open August 21st for those who need a place to crash that friday night.

    The work day officially begins 8 am on Saturday and goes until we run out of things to do.

    Work day pay is 5 build per person that can be applied to at either game.

    For Cerroneth players! There will be a Choose your Cabin Contest. The group with the most folks will get first choice of cabins at elks lake. Second group.. second choice and so on.. until all cabin are chosen. THIS does not mean your group will have exclusive rights to the cabin just that you have primary rights.

    Rules and regulations. The cabin choice will be good for a min of 6 months and then the next big work day we will run the competition again. IF your groups numbers fall low and you can not fill your cabin.. you will loose your cabin. When you ‘check in’ for the work day indicate what group you are with.. there will be no last min switching.

    all right guys we have lots to do on the work day and need all hands on deck.



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